Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teepee Man

BORN of Cherokee descent, he was not like the other American Indians. He didn't fit in with the others, and was forever an outcast. When he was young and the children would play Cowboys and Indians, he was always the unsuspecting cowboy getting scalped. Perhaps it was his awkward demeanor. Perhaps it was his pasty white skin. Maybe it was just that he was born with the body of a Teepee... whatever the case he was a Cherokee, a proud warrior. He was... LIMPING TRIANGULAR BUFFALO.

On another note, I can't believe that this isn't a wigwam. I thought, incorrectly, that the two terms were somewhat interchangeable. As it happens, a wigwam is a domed structure. A teepee is the pointy one, like the fella you see above. Teepees have hairy legs, Wigwams' legs are waxed.

I live in blissful ignorance for most of my life, and suddenly everything is turned upside down. Apples are actually oranges. Black is white. Sky is ground. Jeez.

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