Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pizza Tales part five

You'll need to click on this to see it in all its glory, due to my ineptitude at Internet.

So. Losing my mind, perhaps? Honestly I'm not sure why I drew this. It is, perhaps, illustrative of the inherent flaws in my comic-writing process. My process is as follows:

1. I start writing a comic.
2. I stop when it gets somewhere.

So, what happens if it doesn't get anywhere at all? You end up with 18 panels of pizza and wall.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Child on a Stool Saves Christmas

And that's the story of how the child saved Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone.


Puzzle Time #0001

Portait at DENNYS

Portrait at Dennys, ballpoint pen on notepaper.

 This is a portrait of Amy, drawn in my notepad not so long ago. It is startlingly accurate (especially the teeth!). I started drawing it just after my coffee arrived and finished it just before my two $2 breakfasts arrived. They were greasy and deliciously cheap, which is good because usually at Dennys they give you the Greasy but forget the Deliciously Cheap- arguably the more important part.