Monday, February 1, 2010


THIS be a T Shirt I designed for Campus A Low Hum 2010. Now, I feel I need to elaborate on the usage of two of the words in that sentence. Firstly, it was hardly "designed"... it was doodled. Secondly it was not "for" Campus A Low Hum. It was for me and in no way endorsed by or affiliated with CALH in anyway, I merely appropriated their acronym for my own purposes. Now, I have a new shirt. I wore it for two out of the three days CALH was on, and may not wear it again.

OR! Maybe I will wear it always.

I am quite proud of my disembodied hands.


  1. Considered making any of your more awesome comics into shirt designs..? If you do not consider it now, then I shall simply make my own t-shirts with said comics and perhaps one day you'll see me wearing them... and we can deal with any copyright issues then.

  2. Am indeed intending to get onto that this year... but with my being completely clueless about such things it may be some time... until then you have my blessing to take matters into your own hands. You know, in a not-for-profit kinda way