Monday, February 8, 2010

Grew a Beard

Hey! I have a beard. Maybe this comic is actually autobiographical? I'll never tell.

One of my dreams has always been to be the proud owner of a glorious beard. Unfortunately sheer will alone does not a beard grow, and in times of stress I've developed a frustrating habit of subconsciously plucking hairs from my chin. It's a little gross, but the unexpected silver lining is that my nails are longer than ever before! You know, because I've substituted fingernail-biting with beardhair-plucking, in case that wasn't clear. Soon I'll be able to scratch things and pick up change when I drop it on the ground, rather than spending days stooped over the pavement fumbling for a shiny 50 cent piece I'm too stubborn to just let go.

Thrilling stuff.


  1. hi, are you coming to nz comics weekend? if not, you probably should.

  2. Hi, yes I will be there. I didn't know anything about it until a second ago, but I'll commit myself based on the seemingly self-explanatory name alone. When is it?

  3. over easter weekend, in wellington. sign up to this mailing list for updates:
    i like your work, you should come and 'network'. join the 'community'. make 'contacts'. or just offer moral support as someone who is under 25 and from the south island. im a bit shit scared about attending tbh. have been nagging Harper to come too

  4. Thanks for that, I applied to join the list.
    I went a few years back to something similar brd put on and spent a fortune on comics I otherwise would not have known existed. Spooked? Me too, though in my experience writers of comics are the least frightening people ever. Harp has no excuses not to attend