Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day of Mothers

It's Mother's Day folks, and you know what that means: spending your morning baking and scraping together a cheesy card due to a terminally ill Honda having drained your finances completely. I assume, of course, that my own experiences with this particular "holiday" exactly mirror that of your own. With this in mind, I hope all of you enjoy your roast chicken tonight followed by chocolate cake. Also: don't forget to put your afternoon's paintings where the cat can't get them, and for god's sake do some of your 2D animation project when you get home tonight; you've been far too slack this weekend.

If you look at the above image closely, you will see that in a hilarious case of mistaken identity I have dipped my paint brush in my cup of tea. In the background is a cup of inky painty water, conspicuously free of brushes.

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