Monday, November 29, 2010

Out-of-Context Collaborative Comic Contributions

Throughout the year at CPIT, in a (failed) attempt to keep sane we devoted a wall of our studio to a comic, drawn on post-in notes- one panel per post-it. It quickly deteriorated and what resulted lasted the latter half of the year, covered one wall, and is quite possibly the worst comic ever written. By anyone. Ever.

The following are some of my contributions to this masterpiece taken completely out of context for no real reason, but at least they're in rough chronological order. But don't expect them to make sense. They won't.
They never did. I am posting these here because, well, why not.

wolf lottery

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here! Are some photos of my offerings for the end of degree exhibition at CPIT, up for another day or two. I am so very close now to finishing this whole "Bachelor of Design" thing.

  • The "grand" unveiling of my new book, The Boy Who Was An Octopus, along with larger copies of selected pages from the book. Put together by hand, this thing was a nightmare to finish, but actually nightmare is the wrong word because that would imply that I managed to get any sleep. Also it was actually super fun to make, it just took a while I guess. Is decidedly more worse for wear than when I initially put it on display. I put this down to it being brutishly man-handled throughout the duration of the exhibition rather than shoddy workmanship, because that makes me feel better. It may also be true.
  • Illustrations inspired by Slaughterhouse Five created for a project earlier in the year.
  • Renders of a 3D digital head created in Maya in various poses.


    Hoping to get a print run of TBWWAAO soon (when I can afford it).

    Photos kindly taken by Amy

    Saturday, November 6, 2010

    Internal Space

    This is what it looks like inside a head. I... I don't know why I put made this picture. Sorry. A necessary distraction from the task at hand: preparation for an exhibition at the CPIT Rakaia centre from this Monday night onwards for like two weeks. I have The Boy Who Was Actually An Octopus on display and some other stuff from earlier in the year.

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010


    Never before has something this ridiculous taken up so much of my time. Actually that's a complete lie, I do an awful lot of time-consuming ridiculous things. But it is pretty much done, so yay for that. The Boy Who Was Actually An Octopus: the thrilling story of a boy who finds out (spoiler alert!) that he is actually an octopus. In stores everywhere in December*

    *in absolutely no stores anywhere, ever