Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here! Are some photos of my offerings for the end of degree exhibition at CPIT, up for another day or two. I am so very close now to finishing this whole "Bachelor of Design" thing.

  • The "grand" unveiling of my new book, The Boy Who Was An Octopus, along with larger copies of selected pages from the book. Put together by hand, this thing was a nightmare to finish, but actually nightmare is the wrong word because that would imply that I managed to get any sleep. Also it was actually super fun to make, it just took a while I guess. Is decidedly more worse for wear than when I initially put it on display. I put this down to it being brutishly man-handled throughout the duration of the exhibition rather than shoddy workmanship, because that makes me feel better. It may also be true.
  • Illustrations inspired by Slaughterhouse Five created for a project earlier in the year.
  • Renders of a 3D digital head created in Maya in various poses.


    Hoping to get a print run of TBWWAAO soon (when I can afford it).

    Photos kindly taken by Amy

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