Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sad thing in a field 014

Also, incidentally, a submission for Munchscronch.
I'll draw some more comics sometime soon I promise

Monday, February 14, 2011

MS009, MS010

Have been away for a while in noisier climes, ladies and gentlemen, but I'm back now with ringing ears and the motivation to be productive that will no doubt last the rest of week- at least. Anyway here are the last two munchscronch submissions. The first was a banner for munchscronch. Actually it may have been a logo but I wasn't paying attention so I drew this. You can purchase the original for $500. The dog is lying on it at the moment but as soon as he moves it's available for purchase. Image may vary from that depicted. If you look closely you'll see I copy-pasted some of the waves because I didn't draw enough of them. Second, a bacon themed Pokemon.