Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've moved cities, from Chch to Welly- only semi quake-related. So that's why this blog and my website have been conspicuously lacking updates of late. Anyway, I went to all the effort of getting our cat up here and he takes off as soon as he gets access to the outside world. Just watched Memories of Murder, a superb Korean detective film set in 1986 from the director of the also-excellent The Host and Mother. I'm now pretty convinced my cat was the victim of some sort of serial cat-murderer, though I'm conveniently omitting the sexual aspects of the film's murders from my cat-murderer hypothesis. I think I just don't want to believe. The film is based on a true story, you know.

The thumbs in the picture are drawn pretty accurate. He's a polydactyl cat, so if you see a cat hitch-hiking then pick him up and bring him to me. Looking at the poster now, I think it's pretty odd that I used a red pen to highlight the thumbs and underline some details but neglected to draw on his red collar. Yeah, that's pretty odd.


  1. jeez you're in wgtn and i haven't bumped into you on the street yet? weird. will keep an eye out for a cat

  2. Pretty weird. Been here almost two whole weeks and have been walking down heaps of streets