Thursday, August 25, 2011

Munchscronch- Illustration Fighting

We've revamped the Munchscronch website. It's slightly prettier now.

For those not familiar, an excerpt from the website's About page:

Munchscronch exists as a place for loosely organized weekly illustration challenges, intended as an outlet for unfocused, meandering creative impulses and because illustrating is fun etc. Each week on Thursday (GMT+13) there will be a new theme. You (the artist) will then have an entire week to submit to us a creation according to this theme, and then everybody will clap their hands and vote on submissions and give you high-fives and stuff.

In other words, the Munchscronch website was created, along with some other design graduates, as totally just another way to help legitimize spending my time drawing dumb stuff on a weekly basis. See also: Moonbeard. Wordpress knowledge pretty much exclusively thanks to Mulliss.

Pencilled, inked, coloured in photoshop.

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