Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The post title was a fabrication. There's no banner art here, only shitty internet ads I made for Moonbeard to use through Project Wonderful and on Inkoutbreak. That way all of the internet will see these ads and check out my webcomic and then I will get millions of dollars through the advertising that I may or may not actually ever put on the website. IT'S FLAWLESS.

This sort of overt self-promotion doesn't count as me selling out as long as I'm sufficiently impoverished.

That last one is kinda obnoxious huh. You can also see a fourth shitty ad on the right or this blog. I think the theory was that if I made the ads kinda terrible it would lower peoples' expectations and my comics would appear comparatively better. They didn't give me a Psyc degree for nuthin'.

You too can advertise my comics by taking any of these images and linking to me. I know, exciting idea right?!

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